At Fastcode we have the best prices so that any company can achieve its goal. Discover our rates and contact us to work together.

App MVP from USD 1000 / USD 25 Hour on demand.


On Demand

Pay only for the hours you need. It is ideal for consulting, support or implementation of occasional small changes.

Package of hours

We offer packages of hours with discounts up to 20% depending on quantity. Ideal for support cases, changes or consulting on a recurring basis.

By Project / MVP

A fixed value is defined according to scope for the provision of our services for your project. The value is defined by complexity, time and equipment needed.

We take you from Idea to MVP without risk
Let's start on the right track, let's talk about your project.

How do we do it?

Agile Methodology with Scalable Architecture

All our processes are executed under agile methodologies with a focus on risk reduction, constant communication and validation strategies. This allows us to deliver high value and quality in less time.

Our agile methodology is focused on the success of our clients:

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  • Low risk index 
  • Frequent revisions during development
  • On-time and on-budget deliveries
  • Ongoing analysis for product improvement
  • Developments based on scalable architecture (Decoupled/Headless) allowing our clients to scale to the levels they need at lower costs.
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